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What Is A Worship Pastor?

It’s a question often asked – “what is a worship pastor?”  Yesterday, we talked about a main difference between a worship leader and a worship pastor.  Today, we will dive in deeper into what makes up the composition of a worship pastor. Honestly, to begin this

Worship Pastor or Worship Leader?

While speaking on the topic of worship once, I was asked the question by a panel – “what is the difference in a worship leader and a worship pastor”.  It is a good question – and one that some churches don’t understand or fail to

Star Wars : Allowing Others To Think Outside of Your Box

I enjoy reading Stephen Brewster’s website.  If you aren’t already…put it in your daily RSS – it is a GREAT read for creatives and worship leaders/pastors.  Recently, he had an article about the “1 thing you can do in your organization to be more creative”

The Air I Breathe…

For quite a few days, the blog has been silent.  It’s probably appropriate and in proper relation to life – because I have been equally as silent.  For about the past month I have dealt with a strange virus that has had me dealing with

got worship? Awards the “Best of The Best…”

Each year, we review things that we feel are relevant to worship leaders, pastors, churches, and worship teams – and bring you a list of those we feel are the “Best of the Best”.  Over the next two months, we will bring you the winners

Is The Holy Spirit Your Scapegoat?

It happens…the hectic week of life shows up at your door all at once and you barely have time to prepare a worship service – and that perfect song that you had envisioned singing doesn’t get planned out.  You show up at rehearsal – and

To Choir…or Not To Choir?

Does your church have a choir? I’m doing some quick research for an upcoming series – and I’d like to engage our readers in a discussion on the following questions: 1. Do you have a choir at your church? If “yes”… a…Do you use your

The Worship Industry

I hope this video prods you to thought this morning.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Do you think we have, whether intentionally or not, turned corporate worship into some kind of “Worship Industry”?  Gives us your thoughts below in our comment section as to

The Charismatic Hand Raiser Super Praiser

I learned a valuable lesson today wasted a lot of time looking at random YouTube videos today.  In the process of my “research”, I learned that there are different levels of engagement when it comes to lifting your hands in worship.  Listen as Tim Hawkins

Why Your Congregation Isn’t Singing That Cool New Song

So you’ve heard a truly awesome song from Hillsong United or Charlie Peacock or you’ve stumbled on the latest song from Carlos Whittaker – now you want to play it Sunday in your lineup.  GREAT!  Who knows if the Spirit may reach someone in your congregation like it reached