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A pastor friend of mine serving in Bangkok tweeted this tone day. It was so simple…yet so filled with awesome truth. I’ll be honest.  I’m a self-righteous, ungrateful, spoiled man in comparisson to this level of humble on most days.  I take most things for

Worship Leader/Pastor Coaching

Worship Leader/Pastor Coaching Looking for ways to grow your worship team?  Don’t have a team and need some coaching to help build a team?  As a worship leader/pastor – I have a passion to help other worship leader/pastors build passionate worship teams.  I have offered

It’s Just A Drop In A Bucket : dontate.

It’s just a drop in a bucket.  I know it doesn’t seem like much – but it add ups.  Every drop over time collectively adds until the bucket is full.  I am thankful for every drop of water that drips. I want to ask each

Sunday Sets: God of the City

Songs: Rise & Sing (0:00), God Is Able (4:27), You Alone Can Rescue (55:50), God of The City (60:00) Worship Leader: Jason Whitehorn Each week we feature a variety of church’s services for you to sample. Perhaps it will spark an idea within your own

We’re glad you’re here…we aren’t.

Welcome to the holiday season – time for time with family, Thanksgiving, Christmas, turkey, presents, fireworks, and resolutions! Let’s face it though…if you work…there is another joy that comes from many of these holidays… …a four day weekend. The biggest phenomenon that I see with

Worship Confessional : The Story Behind “God of the City”

LifePoint Church : Bluetree Worship: Interested to see how YOU can play a part in changing the world for God? Visit . LifePoint Church started “Sending Church” to be the church…where there is no church. Bangkok is just one of our Glocal