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How Do You Connect With The Worship Community?

We’ve Grown… We are happy to be growing – but constantly challenged to continue providing current and relevant information. To be frank – it amazes us that some many of you come on a daily basis to hear what we have to say. “got worship?

How Should We Dress For Church?

Recently, we asked the question “What best describes your attire on a given Sunday…and why?” The question was based on an interesting I had with another worship leader from out of state who raised questions about my practice of wearing jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts while

Putting On Your Sunday Best

I’ve heard plenty of talk in the past about what is appropriate for a worship leader or worship pastor to wear in church. I can remember growing up at a church where a coat and tie were a must on Sunday mornings but now lead

The T-Shirt PERFECT For Worship Leaders!

Want to wear a cool shirt specific to worship?  Want to help the ministry of this website?  We have a cool way to do so!  Our exclusive “got worship?” t-shirts are now on sale for only $5.00 .  They come in sizes small through XXL

18 Common Worship Leading Mistakes

We’ve all been in church and witnessed a major worship leading gaffe – the band all starting in different keys or the drummer sounding like he’s falling down the stairs. Here are 18 common mistakes that worship leaders make together with some suggestions for how

Outside Of The Black & White

Have you ever assessed your vocal range?  How many octaves can you sing in?  Do me a favor – just for fun – grab a piano or keyboard and play every note.

To Collect Dust…Or Throw A Celebration?

Many of our Bibles in America collect dust. I have literally every different translation available at my disposal – yet I few most of them on an electronic device. Still – do I cherish my Bible the way these folks do? Oh, that I would!!!

The Amazing Symphony

Take a long lasting look at the picture above. At first glance – it is nothing more than a group of stars. I can assure you…it is so much more. This group of illuminated heavens are estimated to be over ten billion years old. Its