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Podcast: Building Better Worship Teams

In our 8th Podcast, we take a look at how to Build a more effective worship team and give you some free tools to do so.  We also look to you to find out your best practices. Use the widget below to call our voicemail

Being a Leader When You’re Down

From Vas-Kennedy Coffie serving in Accra, Ghana QUESTION: Feeling Down What do you have to do when you are supposed to lead worship and your spirit is down? RICK MUCHOW: Dear Vas-Kennedy, Blessings on you and your ministry in Ghana. I’m passionate about this topic.

Worship Pastor For Rent

Somewhere in this world is a church in need of a worship pastor or worship leader. If you are a part of that church congregation – I would love to hear from you. My name is Jason Whitehorn … and I am a Worship Pastor

Blending Styles of Worship

(got worship? Editor’s note: Recently, we’ve been talking about worship styles and traditionalism in worship.  During the week, we had range of comments on our poll…including this one: “We do whatever the staff thinks is popular with the younger attendees.” So – where is the

Monthly Devotionals For Your Worship Team

If you’ve been through Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship or one of Dwayne Moore’s other books, then you know the tremendous impact they can have. got worship? Media is partnering with Dwayne’s ministry, Next Level Worship, to offer a FREE resource beginning

Getting out of your worship rut: Part 3

This week we’ve been talking about worship, the songs we use in worship, and “traditions”.  Based on my email box – it has been a bumpy road for some of you.  I sincerely hope you have been studying and praying about the passage I gave

Get out of your worship rut! Part 2

We’ve been talking this week about traditions and how we can set our worship up for expected limitations if we hold ourselves only to tradition. One topic that I wanted to discuss, however, is the value that tradition does bring. I sincerely hope that this

Are You Really THAT Traditional?

I wrestled with the title for this article…I really did. “New Wineskins and Handtowels”…”You Don’t REALLY Like Hymn’s…DO You?” … the list went on and on. I just decided to be blunt. This is about traditions and customs. It is going to ruffle feathers and

Vocals, Song Writing & More on Day #3 NWLC10

I am amazed at all the effort into teaching song writing. I think I have been to more workshops, seminars, and classes on song writing. BUT there is always something to learn. I started the day coming in right at 9am sipping on my Chai