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Are You Really THAT Traditional?

I wrestled with the title for this article…I really did. “New Wineskins and Handtowels”…”You Don’t REALLY Like Hymn’s…DO You?” … the list went on and on. I just decided to be blunt. This is about traditions and customs. It is going to ruffle feathers and

NWLC East 2010- Tell Christ’s Story!!

Did you know that according to a September 2010 Pew Research Poll, atheists and agnostics know more about Christianity than Christians? How can this be? Bottom line: the church in America is NOT telling the story of Christ.

Opening night of NWLC East = the PITS!

God uses the darkest times in our lives to conform us to the image of Christ and believe me… there are so many Christian leaders around the world that are finding themselves in a pit. The challenge last night was for us to recognize it for what it is: a place to cry out to God in ways that perhaps we have not before.

Dashboard confessions

I spent a nice weekend with my family and had my sister-in-law up from Atlanta to visit. Times are usually fun with her around – and I love hearing about how God is moving in her life. She never likes to drive while she’s here…so

Guess what I found today?

I knew it was coming…but opening up the new Worship Leader Magazine October Issue … the “Best Of The Best” issue and seeing there listed as the 2010 Editor’s choice recipient along with Bob Kaufman and Carlos Whittaker and Vicky Beeching made me smile. We

Are you ticking off your congregation?

What about your worship leader/worship pastor/worship team member annoys you? Seriously?  What really gets on your nerves? Don’t be afraid to comment and share your thoughts because, if you are a worship leader/worship pastor/worship team

Podcast 6 : Children Of Light

This week’s podcast is on location from LifePoint Church in Smyrna, TN as we talk with Micah Huebner – worship leader and one of th songwriters behind LifePoint Illuminate : Children Of Light.

Free Worship Planning Software?

I am blessed with opportunities with multiple churches to be asked to come lead their congregations in worship.  Some are startup churches without established worship pastors/leaders, some are in a transition period and need a worship pastor/leader for an interim basis, some have established worship

To pay…or not to pay?

I’ve determined a new truth in life…bring up the subject of whether or not to pay worship leaders and church musicians in church…and you open a huge can of worms! A few days back, we asked for your opinions on whether or not we should