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Guess what I found today?

I knew it was coming…but opening up the new Worship Leader Magazine October Issue … the “Best Of The Best” issue and seeing there listed as the 2010 Editor’s choice recipient along with Bob Kaufman and Carlos Whittaker and Vicky Beeching made me smile. We

Are you ticking off your congregation?

What about your worship leader/worship pastor/worship team member annoys you? Seriously?  What really gets on your nerves? Don’t be afraid to comment and share your thoughts because, if you are a worship leader/worship pastor/worship team

Podcast 6 : Children Of Light

This week’s podcast is on location from LifePoint Church in Smyrna, TN as we talk with Micah Huebner – worship leader and one of th songwriters behind LifePoint Illuminate : Children Of Light.

Free Worship Planning Software?

I am blessed with opportunities with multiple churches to be asked to come lead their congregations in worship.  Some are startup churches without established worship pastors/leaders, some are in a transition period and need a worship pastor/leader for an interim basis, some have established worship

To pay…or not to pay?

I’ve determined a new truth in life…bring up the subject of whether or not to pay worship leaders and church musicians in church…and you open a huge can of worms! A few days back, we asked for your opinions on whether or not we should

What’s Up With the Milk?

I got an email from a reader that asked “what’s up with the milk?”  All of our branding shows a picture of a glass of milk being filled – even our name itself is a throwback to the days of “got milk?”.  So why do we

You are a walking billboard…

I laughed today at church when I was given yet another bracelet to wear.  As you can see from the picture above, there is no shortage of bracelets on either of my arms.  It seems I wasn’t the only person who noted how many bracelets

What have you done in the past hour?

We talk…we sing…we read books about it… it’s time to silence our words and speak with actions… it’s time we give others a reason to sing… the Book has already been written… …what page are you on in it? Help. Go. Send. (Song vocals by

Afraid of Sinking Your Worship?

I remember being a radio DJ when the movie Titanic came out.  I made fun of the concept for weeks when I learned it was coming out.  “So, they’ve made a new movie about the sinking of the Titanic,” I said.  “I’m sad to tell you

Do you tithe your worship?

Over a year ago, guest contributer Justin Mulder gave us a different look at tithing through intamcy.  Today, I wanted to take that view of intimacy to a different level…tithing our worship. In our services at LifePoint Church yesterday, Senior Pastor Pat Hood brought a