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Worship Corner Podcast #3

This week we are honored to have special guest, writer, worship leader, and phenomenal worship theologian Dan Wilt on the show with us.  Dan discusses with us the deep meanings of worship, what makes the lituragy so important to what we do as worship leaders, and talks about

Should we pay our musicians?

I know this question always evokes warm fuzzy feelings…but it is one that I am curious as to the pulse of my readers.  Should we pay our worship musicians in church?  I’m game for a simple “yes” or “no” – but what I’d really love is your

Disrobing in church…

I was surfing thru some worship videos on YouTube and came across an interesting one of a song called “Crown Him”.  The interesting portion is what the eye doesn’t first catch.  It’s what the choir is…or isn’t wearing.  Plenty of today’s choirs, in their quest to become

Worship Leader…to be paid or not…

Not a huge amount of discussion for the moment – but more in the information gathering stages.  If you have a minute…take part in a quick poll.  Share it with your friends in twitter and Facebook as well.  I’d love to get a wide cross-section

Some of my favorite worship services are…

…with kids. It is true.  Some of the greatest moments I’ve spent either pastoring in sermons or leading in worship have been with kids from preschool to about 5th grade.  This past week I was reminded of that joy when I got the privilege to put my

How powerful cardboard can be…

My daughter has been tasked at school to come up with some kind of invention to help solve a problem in the world. Every idea she comes up with either begins with or somewhere includes the sentence “I could take cardboard and…” When we asked

What happens when we get too…”methodical”.

There is one topic that has really been eating at me lately :  “Scripted Worship”.  It is the rut we get in when we get comfortable.  I can remember feeling the need to move a baptism to another area of our service in the “timeline”

What if Bruce Lee was a worship leader?

Ok…so the video is actually Bruce talking about “styles” of martial arts…but, go back and listen again – how true would some of these statements be of how we should be as worship leaders?  Just thought it was an interesting video with even more interesting parallels.

When do you “squeeze in” your worship?

You never have to make time for worship…when you place God at the center of all you are doing. Want to know what the Bible says about how you should ultimately worship? Check out this post from a few months back.