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Is God Letting You Run Things?

Today’s Monday School comes a little late in the evening…but has a great point.  This time, the lesson comes from a small church in Enville, TN from a pastor who speaks with frailty – but such sincerity. This Sunday’s lesson was taken from Isaiah 5:1-6.  Take a moment

Building Your Worship Team (Part 4)

We’ve spent quite a bit of time here on focusing on how to build up our worship teams in ten steps. The end is in sight. It is my sincere hope that you have been able to get something out of the past few

Building Your Worship Team (Part 3)

For the past two days, we’ve been reviewing a list of ten ways we can better build our worship teams.  If you haven’t already, go back and review the first and second post in the series.  Today, we plan to dive into a few more

Building Your Worship Team (Part 2)

  Have you read “Part 1” of this series yet?   I firmly believe that building effective worship teams requires more than simply finding four or five people that can read music or play an instrument. (Although it helps if they do both). As worship

How To Build Your Worship Team in 10 Steps

Worship teams that play well together do more than just sound great – they speak volumes to the congregations in which they serve. Worship teams that don’t play well together – well…they tend to speak volumes…but it tends to be at different volumes – and

Are You A Rock Star or a Worship Leader?

Are You a Rockstar Or a Praise and Worship Leader? By Darin Browne Becoming a praise and worship leader is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord, but it also comes with tremendous responsibility. A praise and worship leader must be a servant, not a

Want To Go To NWLC…For FREE?

Want to go to the National Worship Leader Conference for FREE?  Yeah, we thought so.  Each year, there are a wide variety of conferences geared towards worship leaders, but none that are as complete and as beneficial as the NWLC. Aside from being taught by

Throwing Out The “Worship Set-List”

If you look hard enough online, you will see a wealth of worship-related websites that draw a huge fascination to the act of “sharing your Sunday set-lists.”  There was a time and place when this appealed to me to – but those days have just

Worship Leaders: Learn when to be quiet!

The song is over and there is a harsh transition coming.  The key of your next song would clash too badly if you tried to seamlessly transition the two – and you need to position a capo on your guitar.  How do you work it

The Wizard of Oz and Worship Creativity

Creativity…worship…special effects…props – seriously.  Let’s take a breather for a moment before we begin and just write down a few words that come to mind when we think of the words “Creativity” and “Worship”. Thought about them? What words do you think of?  What images