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They Go Hand in Hand

  "Serving" and "Worship" – two words that fit so beautifully well together because they are the same word.  You can actually substitute "Serving" for a variety of different words and still get an equivalent to "Worship" because they word "worship" means so many things.

Song Selection… too “singy-songy?”

(Article by “got worship?” contributor Tanner Dalton) Recently I found myself in a conversation with the youth pastor I work alongside with when he brought up the hot topic of song selection for our predominantly middle school youth group. In the past, we have attempted

Worship Leaders – What Do YOU Think?

In most everything else in life, I want to hear words of encouragement from people based on the things I do. “Great job! Way to go! You really nailed that!  That (looks, sounds, smells, _______ ) great!” It isn’t surprising – after all, one of my “love

A dark moment that inspired millions.

When is the last time you sang or lead “It Is Well With My Soul”?  It is a beautiful song – and one that has inspired many across the years.  It, like many of the world’s most memorable hymns, began by one man putting pen

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Snowed In Today? How about some LIVE Church?

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV I serve at an awesome church called LifePoint Church.  Above is the live feed…but I encourage you to watch LifePoint’s Live page for more options to chat with the community, see verses in real time vai YouVersion and more.