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What Is Worship?

I find myself constantly writing words…looking for the right thing to say – the perfect way to convey my points in my articles… …sometimes I need to just realize that I don’t have the world’s best answer…and that the Bible is the only place I

iWorship with iPhones. It is totally iCool!

  If you haven’t seen this video before…take a look.  It is worth the watch to see how technology is moving these days.  The group is called the Rend Collective Experiment – Matt Ewald from EMI got me hooked on these guys months ago and

They Go Hand in Hand

  "Serving" and "Worship" – two words that fit so beautifully well together because they are the same word.  You can actually substitute "Serving" for a variety of different words and still get an equivalent to "Worship" because they word "worship" means so many things.

Song Selection… too “singy-songy?”

(Article by “got worship?” contributor Tanner Dalton) Recently I found myself in a conversation with the youth pastor I work alongside with when he brought up the hot topic of song selection for our predominantly middle school youth group. In the past, we have attempted

Is It “Good Friday”…or just another Friday?

No matter where you are…no matter what you do today…stop and dwell on the impact of today.  Don’t let it be "just another Friday"… …and then live each day afterward as if it is not "just another day." Thanks to our Savior…it isn’t.

Worship Leaders – What Do YOU Think?

In most everything else in life, I want to hear words of encouragement from people based on the things I do. “Great job! Way to go! You really nailed that!  That (looks, sounds, smells, _______ ) great!” It isn’t surprising – after all, one of my “love

A dark moment that inspired millions.

When is the last time you sang or lead “It Is Well With My Soul”?  It is a beautiful song – and one that has inspired many across the years.  It, like many of the world’s most memorable hymns, began by one man putting pen