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Snowed In Today? How about some LIVE Church?

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV I serve at an awesome church called LifePoint Church.  Above is the live feed…but I encourage you to watch LifePoint’s Live page for more options to chat with the community, see verses in real time vai YouVersion and more.

“Study To Show Yourselves…”

I love aligning myself with great people.  As a worship leader, one of the greatest opportunities I had was having lunch in a green room with Matt Maher, Brenton Brown, and Michael Gungor.  The conversation could have lasted forever.  I absorbed so much – yet

Tech Talk: In Ear Monitor Systems

Normally, as professional bloggers, we pick the end of the year/first of the year to review what the most popular articles on our blogs during the previous year have been.  I choose another random day – my birthday. The single most searched terms and requested

What Was That Song Again?

So you’ve heard a truly awesome song from Hillsong United or Charlie Peacock or you’ve stumbled on the latest song from Carlos Whittaker – now you want to play it Sunday in your lineup.  GREAT!  Who knows if the Spirit may reach someone in your congregation like it reached

A Cup of Earl Grey on The Back Patio, Anyone?

It’s a simple picture taken from a simple phone on a simple day with a subject asking a simple question.  The reasoning behind the picture, however, is a little more larger-scoped. You see, one of the crazy things about my life that you would never

blurry worship goggles

Of late I have been struggling with leading worship. You see I’m the conscientious kind of person who tries to give my best effort every time.But I have been feeling frustrated because we don’t seem to be engaging God as I would like.