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Dear Worship Leader, please play to impress…

I recently read a disturbing statement in the book Worship Evangelism by Sally Morgenthaler. “We are not producing worshipers in this country. Rather, we are producing a generation of spectators, religious onlookers lacking, in many cases, a true encounter with God, deprived of both the

Songs for Sunday School…

One of the best honors I can get in songwriting – is hearing someone else doing my music.  I have enjoyed hearing about Sunday school teachers who have used one of my recent songs in their classrooms. I’m offering the song for teaching and use

Leaving this one up to God…and you.

Just as the title suggests…I am putting this one up to God…and you.  These past few days have been very trying.  Okay – scratch that – the past few weeks have been trying.  The one thing that I have found holds true is that my

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The Next Level of Campus Worship : LifePoint

I am truly amazed.  I have been out at the Stewarts Creek Campus of LifePoint several times already – and was already aware that we would be lowering a screen on the stage during the sermon to show Pat’s sermon in full size – but

Abandon the agenda!

(Article by “got worship?” contributor Justin Mulder) Why is it that we find worship so hard as a way of life? It’s hard enough in church when we are there, worship team in front of us and the people around us are clapping, raising their

“I Can’t Get My Head Out of This Song!”

Yesterday I heard my son humming in the back of the van. He wasn’t very loud, and I have no idea what the melody was meant to be. What really snagged my attention, other than the fact that no one behind me was picking on

Learning about what “Pure Praise” means

We’ve been announcing for quite some time that we would be beginning a devotional series based on the awesome book: “Pure Praise” by Dwayne Moore.  The time is drawing near for us to begin that series. The series will utilize the book as its primary