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Why You Are Losing The Men In Worship – And Most Others

  Over the years there has been a steady decline in congregations in singing. This decline has been especially large amongst males but also affecting females. Prior to the Reformation, this would not have been surprising. After all, the average churchgoer did not and could

Wearing Your Senior Pastor’s Glasses

  We have a strong tendency as worship leaders and worship pastors to feel as if we have our own agenda – and it just happens to “gel” with everything else that is going on in the church. Some of us even have senior pastors

The Rituals We Keep

  Rituals – each of us have them in every walk of life. For some of us…okay…most of us… it is starts with the morning cup of coffee. Being from Nashville and having a Starbucks on virtually ever corner, my rituals frequently involved coffee. Ive

Are you leading worship with every beat?

  You’re heart beats on average 60-100 beats per minute. With every beat of our heart – we worship… …we worship SOMETHING constantly. We SAY that we are leading others to focus that worship on the one true GOD on Sundays…but for what? …a 30

Fading Into The Background

  In a world of worship where church worship is taking on more of a form of a concert with lights, hazing sanctuaries from smoke, and massive sound-systems – it is easy to become the focus of attention as a worship leader. One of our

Who Influences You Musically?

I’ll ask the question up front for you to ponder for a moment. “Who is influencing you musically?” Thing about it for a moment then keep your answer handy. I was talking to a group of pastors one time and having great discussions about worship.

Are We Less Amazed These Days By Grace?

    There are times when finding just the right songs to prayerfully put together for a service can be hard to do – but what if we were tasked to write a new worship song for each week? This is what our featured worship

Books Every Worship Leader or Pastor Should Read

We don’t read near enough books these days – seriously. There are plenty of great books that a worship leader or worship pastor should read, in my opinion, to gain deeper insight into their calling. I’ve compiled a short list of them here. [dropcaps] 1

I Want To Be A Psalm 57 Worshiper

  David was in a bind and in a cave after he found out King Saul wanted to kill him. There was a new song stirring around the people of the land singing the praises of David that proclaimed that Saul could take down thousands