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The One Thing Killing Today’s Modern Church

As a person who has pastored in worship in one form or another for more than 15 years, I have seen ebbs and flows in “worship” in the modern church.  Yet there is one issue that seems to be slowly – and in some cases,

Why Your Congregation Won’t Sing

I have seen a trend recently among bloggers who want to contribute about why your congregation isn’t singing. Either your key is too high…or you aren’t singing enough hymns anymore – it seems everyone has their reasons and most are valid. I’ve been preaching to

Should The Church “Entertain”?

  Should the church entertain? It is an important question to ask in the open – because it is a topic that I often hear whispered about in churches across the country. This question usually comes up when new technology is added: new sound system,

Going Beyond The dB’s

This week, we are taking a look – errr…a listen – at our church venue’s sound. Yesterday we discussed using an SPL meter to determine a comfortable range to run sound at for our worship services – today we go beyond the dB’s to explore

Yes, Your Worship Music IS Too Loud…

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “worship sound” There is one question that, I can assure you, you will never get right for 100% of your congregation. That question is this: “What is the acceptable volume to do our music sets at?”

Why You Are Losing The Men In Worship – And Most Others

  Over the years there has been a steady decline in congregations in singing. This decline has been especially large amongst males but also affecting females. Prior to the Reformation, this would not have been surprising. After all, the average churchgoer did not and could

Wearing Your Senior Pastor’s Glasses

  We have a strong tendency as worship leaders and worship pastors to feel as if we have our own agenda – and it just happens to “gel” with everything else that is going on in the church. Some of us even have senior pastors