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Hearing Your Congregation While Wearing In-Ear Monitors

As more and more churches move to in-ears more and more questions pop-up about the one curse of in-ear monitors – the disconnect they bring from the congregation. In a worship setting, knowing and hearing how a congregation is responding to songs is important. Wearing

Worship Inspired From Darkness

When is the last time you sang or lead “It Is Well With My Soul”? It is a beautiful song – and one that has inspired many across the years. It, like many of the world’s most memorable hymns, began by one man putting pen

9000 Words

“9000 words” – I would have never thought that such a small sentence fragment could stand out in a seminary course – but it has made a profound statement to me in the care in which I need to hold and honor the Bible and

Watch – And Sing This Song With New “Eyes”

I think we take even the hypothetical aspects of certain songs for granted as just lyrics to a song. I’ll never forget almost bursting into tears of joy like a babbling idiot the first time I led a congregation of over a thousand in “I

Oh To Be Humble – To Be Billy

I was talking with a church leader today about some ways that he could reach out to members of his church and seek musicians to skillfully play within his church’s praise team. In part of the conversation about they joys of playing in churches around