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Watch – And Sing This Song With New “Eyes”

I think we take even the hypothetical aspects of certain songs for granted as just lyrics to a song. I’ll never forget almost bursting into tears of joy like a babbling idiot the first time I led a congregation of over a thousand in “I

Oh To Be Humble – To Be Billy

I was talking with a church leader today about some ways that he could reach out to members of his church and seek musicians to skillfully play within his church’s praise team. In part of the conversation about they joys of playing in churches around

Are You Too Repetitive?

Over the years I have heard the battled cry of “why do we sing songs that simply repeat choruses/verses/lines? I despise repetition!” It is nothing new and, in many cases, well founded – in some – a mere matter of personal opinion. Just recently, I

VOLUNTEERS: Respecting Those Who Volunteer

We’ve been talking this week about those who are called to serve at your church – those whom we have typically, in the past, called “volunteers”. We’ve learned that we should expect that our congregants should be serving out of desire to serve our God


(Originally posted in April, 2012 – but the series was never completed. This week – we plan to complete the series) Let’s admit it from the begining – many of you only clicked on this article from twitter, an email, facebook, or another source because