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Enhance Your Worship Instrumentation With One Button

Thanks to the folks at, the same technology that I am using above in the video is available to our readers for 25% off just for using “weleadworship” as the code at checkout at . I personally endorse this product

Bringing “Unity” To Your Team’s Sound

  If there is one person who can keep your team in “unity” – it is the sound engineer. Seriously! Some of us have paid audio gurus on our church staff who know their stuff forwards and backwards. Other churches have volunteers with the greatest

Facial recognition software in the church?

Technology keeps getting more and more advanced. Today, I just learned of new technology being used here in Nashville, TN to make facial recognition of app users as they enter businesses and then give them exclusive deals as they shop. Kind of neat – plus

Using A Capo For Variations

Most guitarists are well versed in their G, C, D, A, and E shapes – and would prefer to play in shades of those shapes. So when a good old F#m7 comes along – I’d dare say that over 80% are reaching for the capo.

REVIEW: Planning Center Online’s Latest Update

Planning Center Online Ministry Centered Technologies After 2 months in public BETA, Planning Center Online has released what may best be described as “Planning Center 2.0”.  It’s a complete reboot of the product that includes a new look and some increased functionality.

An AWESOME free tool for task management

If you need a great free tool to manage the simple tasks in your life with minimal resources…then I have just the website for you: enter .  This website is developed by my good friend Andrew Lee.  (Yes, I know a lot of us