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DropBox- Free Virtual Storage You Can Share

  You make a file on your home computer but now you are on the road and have no access to it.  You are travelling out of state and visiting family when, low and behold, the hometown worship pastor falls ill the night before church. 

Best Worship Apps for iPhone/Android

When I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, I found a wealth of tools at my disposal in the form of apps.  The iPhone even becomes the reader for my Bible from the stage when a passage element hits, replacing my old leather-bound.  So what apps

The Wizard of Oz and Worship Creativity

Creativity…worship…special effects…props – seriously.  Let’s take a breather for a moment before we begin and just write down a few words that come to mind when we think of the words “Creativity” and “Worship”. Thought about them? What words do you think of?  What images

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Global Worship…featuring — YOU!

I am excited to show you this press release which outlines a new project I am working on.  More details will be coming soon…and it will involve each of you.  PLEASE spread the word about this opportunity and be praying about how you can get

iWorship with iPhones. It is totally iCool!

  If you haven’t seen this video before…take a look.  It is worth the watch to see how technology is moving these days.  The group is called the Rend Collective Experiment – Matt Ewald from EMI got me hooked on these guys months ago and

I Need A Little More of HIM In My Mix

Whether our instrument is our voice, our guitar, a piano, or some other musical instrument – It is hard to escape the simple fact that we are musicians.  I am sure that we have all reached out to our mixer at some point and said