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Chris Tomlin on Worship Leading

Chris Tomlin leading worship at Lift 2011 (photo courtesy of @shericarr)

On of my my favorite conferences to connect with many of you at is Lift : A Worship Leader Collective in Atlanta, GA. If you miss it – you miss something fantastic.  If you go to them – you understand the “fantastic” appreciation of that word.

A few years back in a chilly February, I had the honor of being a part of the recording of Matt Redman’s album “10,000 Reasons” at LIFT.  It was a great experience.  The greatest part was the fellowship of being led in worship by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.  One of the highlights was getting to hear Chris talk about the difference between a song leader and a worship leader.  I wanted to bring home the main talking points and share them with each of you.

  • A song leader is worried about performance
  • A worship leader s worried about Presence.
  • A song leader is worried about his/her favorites
  • A worship leader is about God’s favor.
  • A song leader thinks it is his/her job
  • A worship leader has it as his/her passion.
  • A song leader is about style….
  • A worship leader is about Spirit.
  • For a song leader…most of the work is done on stage…
  • As a worship leader…the least of what is done is on stage.

What distinctions would you share?