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Christian Artists take note in some secular social culture!

collectivesoulgroupSecular band Collective Soul is flexing its social media muscles to their fullest – other artists should take notice.   The band, known for radio hits like Shine has come back into the music scene full force – by concentrating on a social fan base.

At the time of this post, the band has reached over 13,500 followers by maintaining a very personal approach.  There are no “ghost Twitters” (having someone else twitter as if they were the artist themselves) and, often times, band member Dean Roland is at the helm, personally following each twitter-er who follows them.  The band isn’t shy either.  It is a common place to see one of the members “chatting it up” with a twitter friend in 140 character bursts of conversation.

Additionally, the band regularly sends out special contests for music, autographed posters, and other items via twitter.  The routinely schedule live broadcasts for fan Q&A – as the band sits around the computer twittering away.

Overall, the band has created an environment that seems to being the fan closer than any artist I have seen to date.  Kudos, CS.  Kudos.

You can follow Collective Soul at or vist their website at .  Make sure to take a peak at their blog for a truly unique perspective at the CS lifestyle at .

While you are following Collective Soul, make sure to check out one of their tourstops along the way at