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Church On The Rise – The Atheist Church



If you were to visit my office – you would be immediately drawn to a union jack flag proudly framed hanging on my south wall. Being a part of a television show I get blessed with gifts – the Union Jack was a gift from a UK fan a few years back. I have always had a love for the UK. One of my main sources of love is out of pastoral and missional desire. Ask someone 35 and below about going to church in the UK and you are likely to hear “I don’t go…that’s my grandmum’s church.” This has been the case for many years. Now – we are progressing backward.

A recent article in Leadership Magazine opened my eyes to a new church that is gaining momentum – an Atheist Church. It operates much like a Christian church…except no God (at least to their belief). They have announcements, a message or talk, and music – usually Queen or similar. They design it to look like churches – and never expected more than 20 people to show up. In the first month, however, they had 200 show. The next month…300.

So what causes this church to grow? Is it that people want to belong? Is it that they were invited? Is it that it is more inviting that what we do in mainstream churches? Is it that we have just let Christianity be forgotten in the UK?

…is this what we are headed to in the US?