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Clever Little Tricks To Help You With…Everything

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I don’t know how I missed this site – but needless to say it has rocked my world since I found it. It’s a cool little site called “IFTTT”. Simply put – it stands for “If This Then That”. What does it do? The better question…what doesn’t it do? Imagine any amount of different scenarios that deal with the web, social media, video sharing, etc – and insert scenarios you never dreamed…and you have IFTTT.

Let me put it into perspective: I was greatly annoyed that I chose to use Instagram for my pictures while my Twitter chose about a year ago (it seems) to stop showing my Instagrams in my media gallery. In my attempts to scour the web to find a way to solve this issue – I found IFTTT. It allows me to make a “recipe” which allows me to say “IF my Instagram posts a pic THEN post the same pic to Twitter”. You might say “wait, Jason…Instagram already allows you to post straight to Twitter.” Yes…but that process fails to populate the media gallery of twitter. This new process from IFTTT strips the picture and reposts it as a Twitter picture. I still have the pic on Instagram – and I have it on twitter as well. Best of both worlds…only one process.

IFTTT doesn’t stop there. I can literally have it call me when the pollen count in Nashville gets too high, auto post my blog posts to facebook for me, tweet to multiple accounts on Hootsuite when I text one keyword…the possibilites are endless.

Here’s a bonus – Flickr just unleashed their MAMMOTH 1 TB FREE accounts to their members. Why not use the free space? I now have it set to post ANY picture I post to Instagram, upload to Facebook, or put in Dropbox straight to Flickr … all for free…and all thanks to

See what fun you can get into! I KEEP finding new ways to use it! As a songwriter – I may be driving down the road when the urge for a song idea hits me. I literally JUST created THIS recipe about 5 minutes ago (click on the image below to use it) which will allow you to simply call one phone number – leave a voicemail – and it will automatically place the audio in a pre-determined Evernote notebook of your choice!

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Have LOADS of fun creating your own recipes! Then, come back here and share your best recipes in the comments field below!