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Coffee With A Cause


Every once in a while, I’ve asked you to do something worthwhile – because you can – and because it makes sense to do it.  This is one of those times.  I love my pastor to death.  He and his family are awesome examples of life that firmly believe in doing what they can for others.  Their desire to help others has led them to brig several children into their homes who, otherwise, would not have the best lives in their current countries.

The Hood family is beautiful and diverse – and are looking now to adopt a special needs child from the Hunan Providence of China.  I can assure you, Isaiah will have one of the best homes in the warmth of the Hoods’ arms.  We’d like to ask you to help “bring Isaiah home” by buying coffee.

Here’s the pitch – skip buying your next bag, tin, or container of coffee from the store and just buy a bag or two from this store.  The proceeds will help with the Hoods’ adoption costs and help make a profound difference in a little boy’s life.

That’s the pitch…its YOUR turn to knock it out of the park.  The link to buy is here.