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Come And Drink – FREE Music Feature

If there is one cry that I have on a daily basis it is this:

PLEASE, CCM songwriters – especially those who write worship…STOP with SIMPLISTIC lines that you think will simply “relate to all”.

The harsh reality is that these lyrics become so often dwindled down to…well…nothing. We confine a glorious God into a couple of repeated lines followed by a chorus of “WOAH – OOOH —- YEAH!”-s

…thankfully there are guys in the world like Matthew Reed.

For the next few days, you can get his EP “Come and Drink” for free via NoiseTrade. (see below). His songs are a fresh approach to everything relevant in today’s culture with yet a hint of nostalgia. His lyrics are dynamic – even beckoning the Holy Spirit to “Crash This Place”. Plain and simple…I love this guy.

If you want something fresh – welcome to refreshment!