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Coming Out of The Closet…

Now that I have your attention…

Carlos Whittaker sure had my attention earlier in the week when he pulled the same stunt at his blog.  I will shamelessly admit that I am pulling it here and asking each of you lurkers to “Come Out Of The Blog Reading Closet.”  I know that there are plenty of you who read this blog in silence and never say a word.  I see the stats.  I know you are here.  Do me a favor….say “hello”.  Take a split second and tell me where you came from…what your background is…what brought you here…what you get out of …or anything you’d like to share in the comments area below!

I’d love to hear from each of you – just to know where we are reaching.  Believe me – there are days when I wonder if it is worth continuing to write these articles…to do these videos…to continue this ministry – and yet I see statistics from across the globe of visitors we appear to be reaching.  Let me put a pulse to the stats and selfishly feel validated for the work we are doing each day here at .

Ready? Set?  Leave your comments below!

8 thoughts on “Coming Out of The Closet…”

  1. Andy says:

    Hey, thanks for writing the articles and making the videos and what not. Came from a small town called Del Rio and moved up to Dallas. I’m up here doing work as a sound engineer for a church and write music has a hobby. I’ve been involved in the modern worship movement for awhile. My hometown church has held music as a high value of communication and part of that is a blending and mixing of styles. I love to read other people’s perspectives and learn from them. Figured I should say “hi” since I’ve been subscribed to this blog for about a year. So…hello.

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:

      Nice to meet ya, Andy! Glad that you are subscribed to the blog! We are actually looking to create a new segment on the site geared towards our FOH guys out there! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for saying “hi”!

      – Jason

  2. Matthew Starner says:

    Hi Jason-
    I’m a worship director at a church plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve been following gotworship for a while now and I’ve found lots of useful stuff. I’ve been working in music ministry for 9 years and I’ve served at two churches.

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:


      Thanks for saying “hi”! Nice to meet ya.

  3. Randy says:

    Hello Andy. It’s nice to meet you. I’m actually really new to your blog. Just a couple of months. I’m leading worship at a church plant in Greenville, NC called Discovery Church. I found your blog through your twitter feed. Found your twitter feed through the follow suggestions.

    Anyhoo, I love the videos you post from the different churches worship sets. the sharing of ideas with you and Los and the other churches willing to post their videos is a huge blessing. Church helping other churches. Perfect unity. I love this. Thanks for doing what you do. I appreciate it.

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:

      Thanks for saying “hi”! I’ve always thought sharing ideas between churches is a must. We often get stuck in a rut of doing the same things the same way all the time. Trying a fresh idea can do wonders for a yearning congregation.

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