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I only ask because I care…

thanks-for-your-supportWhen I started (now known as, I had a simple idea of a website that existed to equip other worshipers and worship leaders in any way I possibly could.  To date, we are serving with you in more than 27 different countries – and honored at what God is allowing us to do.

In the past two months (at the time of this article), we have found that the ministry is costing us more than it has in two months that it has in almost the entire past year.  The reality is that the website has now grown to the point that it exists on its own shared servers in Atlanta, GA.  The change was needed due to the amount of traffic and resources the website was drawing.

These costs, along with other technology fees, have placed us at a point where we are going to humbly ask our readers to consider making a donation to the website to help with the monthly expenses.  Currently, we need $60.00 each month to keep the site up.  (Please see 2014 update below) That may not seem like much to keep a ministry going…but when you are a one-man company with other bills to pay…it becomes a stumbling block.   Would you consider helping me in one of a few ways?

2014 Update:

We are now blessed with even more traffic then we were a few short years ago.  While this is a good thing in some areas…it also means that the shared servers can no longer hold it.  We are daily getting emails from our host about CPU usage from high traffic and requests that we move to a dedicated server.  To be blount…we cannot afford the cost of a dedicated server.  I costs roughly $174 each month.

I’m reflected back on how hard it was to move to a $60/month server.  I had some of the same issues then with the dreaded “CPU usage with high traffic”  My wife could tell you about the number of nights I stayed up late trying to “fix” issues just to stay within a budget and keep from having to move to new servers.  The simple truth is that, anytime I wrote an article and people clicked on it…the site seemed to “choke”.

Today is no different.  I’ve spent the past few weeks staying up late at night trying to find ways to reduce the stress load on the server.  But each time I write an article…it “chokes” the server.  Seems pointless, right?  The point of a website with articles is to be read.  My goal is to impart information,  If each time I write an article and 2,000 people read it – the site goes down…why bother?  Why?  Because I still feel called to continue this ministry.  I was blessed in 2010 by Worship Leader Magazine to have this website listed as the #2 website for worship…and I don’t want to let you down.  The truth is that it puts a damper on my writing when I am constantly faced with these set backs.  I would write more if not constantly faced with these server-related issues.

So we looked at cost of upgrading.  We can get a 20% discount if we pay for a year up front…but at nearly $1,700…simply put…we don’t have that kind of cash flow.  Would you consider helping us out by any means?  $500?  $100?  $50?  $25?  $10?  $5?  $1?  Any amount would be appreciated towards trying to pay for our hosting so that we can keep our website and this ministry going.

If you have a moment, and have the means to do so, would you consider contributing to our funds for this month?  If so, take a moment and click the “GoFundMe” button below.  Donations are managed securely by PayPal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] .

Serving with you,

Jason Whitehorn
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Want to help in other ways?  Have some used equipment or tangible items you could help with?  Check out our Ministry Needs & Wishes page here.