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Ministry Needs & Wishes


Ministry Needs & Wishes

We have had, in the past, blessings from God in the form of tangible item donations and financial blessings.  Since we do, from time to time, travel to various churches to lead worship – there are some needs and wants that we acquire.   Recently, God has blessed us with having our paths cross with a couple of individuals who have cared enough about our ministry to ask how they might be able to contribute. I am not naive enough nor bold enough to think that someone (other than God) could provide for all of these wants and needs – but if there are items listed that you may be in excess of, are no longer using, or can otherwise provide we would count it a huge blessing. Check back as this list may grow or shrink depending on circumstances.  We are vowing to leave each item up even if fulfilled and, instead, marking the entry with a “***” if it has been fulfilled.  This will allow us to return later and recount the many ways, however small, that God has blessed us. If you have questions, or can help provide for any of these needs or wishes, please contact [email protected] .

(Also: If you would like to help serve the local needs of the Worship/Creative Team at my home church – New Hope Church – please visit our Amazon Wish List here: )


  • your prayers for continued growth in our ministry.
  • a new or used functioning direct box *** thanks to LR Baggs for an AMAZING “Venue”
  • good quality electric guitar *** 
  • decent amp with warm sound (will be mic-ed)


  • guitar strings (Elixr Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar strings) ( I can NEVER have enough strings)
  • Bibles to distribute.  (we prefer ESV)
  • a decent gig bag for an electric guitar *** thanks to Mono Cases for the most practical and portable guitar gig bags EVER!
  • a MacBook with Ableton Live installed
  • $2,800 to complete a Worship Arts Bachelors degree (currently at $220 raised) *** thanks to West Coast Bible College & Seminary!
  • a pedal board with on-board power
  • various pedals (Visual Sound Route 66 Overdrive / Compression, Tap Tempo, Loop Station, etc)
  • an extra capo or two (I have the world’s worst problem with leaving mine behind)*** thanks to G7th and D’Addario/Planet Waves
  • a couple of decent guitar straps *** thanks to D’Addario/Planet Waves
  • Line 6 POD XT Live (*** God provides!)
  • carrying case for a Line 6 POD XT Live
  • M-AUDIO keyboard to track some keys in a home-based studio. (USB capable) *** thanks Mom!
  • A Taylor 614ce (I am tired of having our FOH guys complain about mixing my current acoustic.  I have played this Taylor.  It is rock solid and is superb in quality.) *** God provides
  • An iPod Touch (I have plenty of apps that are ministry related that can be readily accessed with this [ie; Planning Center, ProPresenter, etc] I don’t have a phone need for a true iPhone…so the Touch is the next best thing.)*** thanks to my awesome friend, Shane
  • velcro-style cable keepers
  • nearly $220 that covers my yearly hosting for the websites and domain names.
  • at least two new bloggers committed to writing at least two new articles each month on a worship related topic for
  • blank recordable DVD’s
  • printer ink for a Brother MFC-240C
  • blank recordable CD-R’s
  • small cables to connect pedals *** thanks to my awesome friend, Shane
  • A Gibson J-200 (In the Nashville Floods I tore my shoulder up.  The big huge jumbo style gives my shoulder rest to be able to play on it.  I would be willing to trade my 614CE for a j-200 in order to help take pressure off of my shoulder while playing.) thanks to some AMAZING folks from my home church at New Hope for the blessing!!!
  • Approximately $500 for books for Seminary.

(Please note that these items are in no order of importance.  The most important thing you can do is pray that the ministry will be blessed for God’s glory!  For more information on how you can help…or simply to drop a few lines of encouragement…please email [email protected] )