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Contempt in the Chaos

Ever have one of “those” weeks? You know what I am talking about…someone at church is mad at you, you spend all your time putting out fires at work, your drummer cancelled (yes, it is always the drummer), the computer crashes,  your washing machine quits working, your kid gets in trouble at school (hypothetically of course, not my perfect children, not ever, and that’s my official stance on that). Just “one of those weeks.” We all have them. There are mornings we all wake up and think “what’s next?” Instead of being hopeful for the day ahead, we dread what may await us. Stress makes it difficult to sleep or to function as we should. Everything seems to be coming at us at once. ONE OF THOSE WEEKS!

If we are honest, when we have those weeks, we do not always respond well. Our goal becomes to simply make it through, to come out unharmed, we get angry or discouraged or we throw ourselves a pity party. Those weeks happen and instead of simply dismissing it as part of life, maybe we can and are supposed to learn something from them.

Sitting at church Sunday, in the middle of feeling sorry for myself, because I tend to be very good at that and pity parties are my specialty, the words of the psalmist came to mind.

Be still and know that I am God.

It’s a verse we all know, we are all familiar with. It’s 8 words (and yes I know there is more to the verse…you don’t have to write or blast me on facebook for my terrible exegesis). But there are two powerful truths in those 8 words.

Be Still. 

Let’s face it, in our world today, in the church, in ministry, being still is hard. We don’t have time for that, We are busy. It’s obvious to us if we don’t do it, it won’t get done, and if it does it will never be a good as we could have done it.

God says to us “be still.” Take a moment, focus on me, focus on who I am, quiet your mind and your body so you can hear me, so I can bring you peace amidst the chaos. Just stop and be still. This week will come and go, and another will follow and your ability to be still will dictate what I can teach you, how I can guide you, and your journey of sanctification.

We can’t hear God if we can’t be still. But once we ARE still we can…

Know I am God

See friends, it is in the still, in the quiet that we can know God, that we can be reminded that He is faithful, always. It’s in that stillness that we understand his character and experience his love and grace and peace. It is in those still moment that all of who He is can be revealed to us and we can take heart in knowing that we don’t have to worry about what is next, because He is sovereign and whatever it is, He has it. We have to come to a place where we don’t just believe He is God, we KNOW He is. We have to KNOW that He, as Romans says, works all things, all our mess, and chaos and circumstance, for His good and His glory. We have to KNOW.

Are you in the middle of one of those weeks? If you aren’t you will be soon. (you’re welcome for that encouragement). And when you find yourself there take a minute, take a deep breath, and do this simple thing…Just be still. And then you will know.