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Day 2 of IMMERSE

Day two of IMMERSE has drawn to a close and has been beautiful from start to finish.  The morning opened with worship from Travis Cottrell and some words of inspiration from Michael W. Smith.  (For the record, worship is beautiful and very vertical with a body of believers who are involved intimately with worship and Christian music.)

After worship, many took the opportunity to take a Music City Tour and learned the ropes of Music Row while others engaged in preparation for performances, critiques, and reviews.  I got a chance to grab lunch in the Curb Cafe and catch some of the performers.  Let me tell you – we have talent in this group.  I had an awesome time meeting many of you, giving opinions to some of you who asked for a quick critique of a song (I’ll always give you my ear when I’m available – so don’t be afraid to ask or email me.) and even took the honor of being able to pray for many of you and for your future in the music business.  (Thanks also for the prayers in return.)

0730091714aThe afternoon was spent with a Speed Networking session.  Our aspiring writers, artists, and future Music Row moguls had the chance to speak with those in-the-know in the music business.  Producers, A&R Reps, artist management agencies and more gave out valuable information to the IMMERSE-ers in a once-in-a-lifetime fashion.

Then, there were the fun times – Leeland showed off their skills with Guitar Praise at the booth.

While their modest combined (keyword…don’t miss that, Jake!) score of just over 400,000 points was great…they barely touched my single score…
Sadly, Leeland declined my offer to open for him as a Guitar Praise soloist.
(I’ll digress…)
0730091849aLeeland had bigger fish to fry – namely the night concert.  We got a chance to catch up with Leeland and Sir Smitty backstage in the green room before the show (and even had the hilarious opportunity to sing some Richard Marx [accurate lyrics were a bit optional] while Leeland provided the baby-grand backing)
I’ll be sure and post some of your pics from day two tomorrow.  Meanwhile….engage yourself in this:
I have three trivia questions for you:
  1. Where was Michael W. Smith’s FIRST job as a writer?
  2. What was the name of the record label Smitty opened in 1996?
  3. What was that label named after?
Leave a comment on the blog with the answers to all three questions.  The first one with the right answer to all three will get a free copy of Pure Praise.  (Find me in the morning to redeem)  NOTE:  I will not post the comments until the morning….so don’t assume you aren’t the first…or that you are!