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Day 2 of NWLC Wrap Up (Guest Blog)

Just happy to be here. Learning. Listening. Loving taking it all in. Its almost hard to be able to process this event while I am sitting in the atrium a lunch. Last night Session ONE was amazing. Steve Berger spoke about the PITS from Psalm 40. The side note here is that Psalm 40 is a scripture that God has been constantly bringing to my attention. My wife woke up in the middle of the night (4am) a few weeks ago and felt like this was the scripture that God had given her and us as a family right now. It is wonderful when God speaks and then re-affirms.

Lets just say I miss these three people more than they can imagine right now.

At the conference there are booths with programs, software for visual worship leaders, tech geeks and people who are administrative planners and even booths with just gear. Its overwhelming what is available for us in ministry today. We are well equipt to do church… that is certain.

I took in a workshop this morning by John Chisum about the Blessings experienced during burnout. Mostly its because of our failures that we grow. I tend to think we often find ourselves closest to God when we are weakest. Its then when we are most confronted by the truth that we NEED Him, we need HIS strength. Knowing that God is near, always near is so incredibly important. When we are down it is easy , incredibly easy to trust HIM because we often feel like we have nothing else. However it is equally important to Trust God on the mountain top. Unfortunately it is here at the mountain top were we often make the mistake of relying on ourselves and try to do things on our own strength.  Things to remember whether we are up or down.

This afternoon I enjoyed 2 other workshops, one on song writing with Laura Story (Indescribable) she gave song writers 4 simple tips:

  1. Spend TIME with God. Just TIME with Him alone.
  2. Spend time with your church. what are their longings, desires as a community
  3. Spend time with your self. (writing)
  4. Spend time with others. (co-writing)

Somehow I left with less time in my daily schedule. She also talked about why we should write songs. Hinderances to song writing and she touched on Psalm 40 yet again.

For the last workshop of the day I attended “Successful Music rehearsals’ by Tony  Guerrero who was a Rick Warren’s Church. Awesome reminders and great insights on how to run great music rehearsals.

I will post more about my time with Dan WIlt at a later date.


(Curtis was the winner of our contest at to go to NWLC 10 for free.  We are enjoying hearing how God is working in his life during the event.)