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Dear God, I’m a little upset


Dear God,

Is it okay that I am upset? Can we talk for a minute about this? Is it okay that I got SO upset with you years ago when I slammed on my brakes, pulled over on the side of the road, dropped to my knees and BEGGED you to not let a friend die from cancer…yet she died anyway? Is it okay that history repeated itself with My good friend and bandmate Johnny Mac? Why did he have to die to as well? Is it okay to history yet again repeated itself with Chris? Can you understand why would be just a little bit upset? Scratch that, “a little”, is out of the question… I’ve gotten furious.

Today another good friend goes to the hospital and embarks on a three-day journey to try to collect his own sales. Those same stem cells That are being harvested are going to be used eventually to be put back in his own body try to find very Kantrowitz plaguing right now. So once again I hit my knees begging you. Scratch that – pleading with you! Please…

… Let your will be done…

… And let me be humble enough to accept your sovereignty.

I love you… Yet I also understand that even in the face of death – you love us more.