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Dear Worship Leader – Those of You NOT At Large Churches…



Have you ever been to a worship conference and felt completely out of place hearing guys talk about their teams and churches? Do you read articles, watch videos, follow guys on twitter that lead worship at places that make the Grammy’s look like an elementary school play? Ever wanted SO badly to smack a worship leader for complaining about their 6 drummers fighting over who would play that week when your ONE drummer is sick?

We are sorry.

We have MADE you feel this way. Yep, we’ve talked about this a little while back in our “Here’s To The Middle Of The Road Average Worship Leader” article. We’ve made you feel inadequate because the status quo would have you believe that every worship leader must own the most expensive acoustic available, wear designer clothes, and have lighting elements in worship that would rival a rock concert. Again I say…we’re sorry.

I want you to know something from the bottom of my heart…

…you are TREMENDOUS for what you do each week. You really are!

Thank you.

Your small church needs you. Your community needs you. …God has placed you RIGHT where you are for a reason.

I’ve been in the big churches…and

I’ve been in the small churches. I was a worship leader at a mega church – one of the fastest growing in the United States. Each week we had multiple services in multiple campuses in the US and in other countries with a physical attendance measured in thousands and an online presence that much greater. I left there to pastor a church less than a 10th of it’s size. There is one constant (aside from God) that remains regardless how the size of church…

…the PEOPLE you minister to.

If we are to truly lead worship by leading the community in which we serve first – then relish in the fact that you can truly drill down and get to know the worshipers of your church. Don’t ever for a moment think that you need to be less than authentic in order to please God. Don’t ever think for a moment that the latest fashion trend will somehow make you more “worship-leadereque”.

Remember always – David doesn’t have a book called “David” in the Bible because it never was about him…or his ego.

…but he sure has a lot of honesty in worshiping God.

THANK you, small church worship leaders….for tending the flock instead of observing the grazing.


2 thoughts on “Dear Worship Leader – Those of You NOT At Large Churches…”

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  3. Tandy Adams says:

    Thank you for this! It’s easy to get sidetracked by daydreams of multiple teams and lights and fog machines. And, for the most part, those dreams exist out of a true desire to serve the most people, to reach the most people, to lead them to throne of the living God. But they also act as a distraction and can lead to a search for bigger and greater while missing the call to our community and church where God has placed us. So from a small worship leader, thank you. Thank you for encouragement, for validation, and for recognizing we all have one uniting call.

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