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Death of A Worship Leader

As a self-proclaimed web guru who is a worship leader/pastor by trade and who pastors to other worship leaders/pastors online via his site…I hear plenty of stories on a regular basis of pastor burnout. Perhaps you have been at a church where the worship leader or worship pastor has stepped down or left after burnout. While there are many reasons for this – I think that there is a very common trend in events that lead to the “Death of A Worship Leader.”

  • family issues
  • – getting “in a rut”
  • – lack of leadership experience

Today, I want to take a look at the first of these three issues. Over the next few days we will look at the other two issues and finish up our series by talking about three key ways to keep from being burned out.

One large portion of leaders that I see jumping ship are a direct result of family issues. “It takes up so much of my time that I can barely spend time with my family.” “I rarely get to sit in a service with my spouse.” “I just want to take some time to spend with my family.” Sincerely, I can understand where part of this comes from. I lead worship at a church that we attended for over two years and only twice sat in the service with my wife. Between the duties I had in worship and the fact that she was a preschool director – we rarely had a chance to “be fed” together in service. I became so burned out that I pretty much refused to serve in the next church we went to.

This type of burnout is common. The reality is that this type of burnout can be dodged by taking a few steps to keep your family from falling behind.

Pray with your family: No – not just a blessing of the food. PRAY. Pray together as a family. Pray together as husband and wife. Pray on more days than just Sunday.

Have some quality time with God with your spouse: Spend time studying the word together. Men, I can assure you that your wife craves for you to be the Spiritual head of the household – and I can assure you that your ability to head a church does not satisfy that craving.

Have a set family time: Do things together as a family outside of the church. Make your family a priority. A great friend of mine runs a website called “Family Muscle” that has some great ideas to re-engage your family time. I challenge you to start implementing some of those ideas today.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at getting out of ruts as a worship leader in and article called “Who Moved My Motivation”.

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