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Disrobing in church…

I was surfing thru some worship videos on YouTube and came across an interesting one of a song called “Crown Him”.  The interesting portion is what the eye doesn’t first catch.  It’s what the choir is…or isn’t wearing.  Plenty of today’s choirs, in their quest to become more relevant and contemporary are doing away with the choir robes on stage.  For many choirs, this is a welcome change.  For others, it is a loss of uniformity.

This is where I think the church in the video below gets an A+ – they’ve dropped the robes…but have uniformity in such a classy way.  Being a creative-type person and a visual-oriented observer…I like what I see.  Take a look at the picture below.  You’ll notice that everyone seems to have their own style…yet everyone looks uniformed to an extent.  Most every person is wearing a shade or color that compliments the next person.

The impact visually is great on camera!  Take a look at the video yourself and see what has me thinking that color-coordinating in shades is the new robe of 2010!  Thoughts?