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Do you need a booster shot of a leap of faith?


Today I heard the testimony of a friend who surprised us a few weeks back and went to another country – one that…because of recent events…most of us would never DARE go to at fear of losing our lives.


He prayed.  

He sensed God saying “go to (country) and I’ll show you what you need to do.”

So…He went.


He met a man there he never knew before and learned that he was planting a church in an AMAZING place.

…and my friend decided he needed to uproot his life and help build it.

He spent three days climbing a mountain and praying to God before making the choice.

You can’t write this stuff…

…but, of course, it sounds a lot like Abraham.

…I’ve always wanted to have THAT kind of faith.

…somehow MY problems of today are so small.

“GO into all the world.”

Thank you, friend…for listening.  Teach me.?