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"Don't Let The Sun Set"

You’d think you’ve heard the phrase a million times in your life until you hear it from a friend you admire – a friend who has a right to say it. Over the past couple of months, my heart has been in such deep prayer for Steven and Mary Beth and the kids – Jim & Yo and the entire extended family for what has transpired with Maria.

In all the prayers I could have for the Chapman’s….leave it to Steven to have the prayer for the rest of us that we would not let the sun set on differences or issues…and that we would hold each day we spend with each other so dear. I am so guilty of harboring ill against a setting sun.

I am so thankful that God is using Maria’s life and using Steven and Mary Beth and the family to touch others today – that good things can come from an otherwsie tragic situation. Tears of joy come to my eyes to know the truth in what Steven says….”if I believe anything that I sing about – I will dance with my Cinderella again.”

Amen, Amen…and Amen!