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“Drink Coffee. Do Good.” The best coffee for the soul!


Over the past few days at GMA’s IMMERSE week, I’ve found a bit of heaven downstairs in the green room backstage.  It is called “coffee”.  No, I’m not crazy – I’ve had plenty of coffee before in my life…but never this coffee.  This coffee is from Rwanda and comes with quite a compelling story.

Land of a Thousand Hills has transformed the simple act of drinking coffee into an opportunity to make a difference. “Drink Coffee. Do Good” it’s that easy. We invite you to lead the way and help break the chains that once bound thousands of Rwandan farmers, and allow them to enjoy the life that God meant for us. You are making the choice to bless a people that want to move forward in life and faith and if you like great coffee, you’ll love this ministry.

Land of a Thousand Hills helps ease the wounds from the 1994 genocide that took place in Rwanda and devastated the economics of the community as well.  They do this by helping a community of farmers become empowered to plant and harvest coffee – and then pay them more than triple the amount normally paid for their export.  The beans are then sent to the small ministry-focused company in Atlanta, Georgia where it is roasted, packaged, and distributed world-wide.  Through this process, Land of a Thousand Hills injects about $3.00 per bag of coffee sold back into the small coffee community in Rwanda – and invests more hope into a community with such a history of pain and tribulation.

Their slogan says it all:

Drink Coffee.  Do good.

I’m proud to have meet these ladies from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee and heard their story.  I am proud to have let their amazing brews wake me up and keep me going each day – just as they keep the Rwandans in one small coffee-farming community going and living post-genocide each day!

Interested in learning more or ordering coffee?  You can do both online at .  They are able of supplying churches, business, homes, and more)1

Now, we are offering a new item in our store.  You can show off your “got worship?” style and help these awesome folks out.  Click here to purchase our new “got worship?” coffee mug or travel mug.  For each mug sold, we will donate $1.00 (more than 60% of our proceeds) to the folks at Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee.  While you are at it, head on over to and grab some amazing coffee!  You will thank me later!