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DropBox- Free Virtual Storage You Can Share


You make a file on your home computer but now you are on the road and have no access to it.  You are travelling out of state and visiting family when, low and behold, the hometown worship pastor falls ill the night before church.  Since he “just so happens to know” that you are in town – he calls you and asks if you could fill in.  “Just come up with three or four songs – anything is fine”, he says.  Which would be great – if your entire library of charts, PowerPoints, and sheet music wasn’t on your church office computer.

What if you have a solution that would allow you to have access to your most important files – on your computer…on any computer – and even right on your iPhone or Android?  This is what Dropbox does for you.

I will readily tell that I have become a huge fan of Dropbox already and it has bailed me out of a few jams.  I keep finding new ways to use Dropbox each day – from using it to store my iTunes folders so that I can sync my laptop and computer iTunes at the same time – to finding ways to use Dropbox as a method to share songs as a worship planning tool.  This tool provides the ease of sharing only folders you want to with other people without allowing them access to any other files or folders – making collaborations a snap.


The best part is, Dropbox runs seamlessly with the rest of your computer and adding files is just as easy as it is to add a file to your current operating system’s filing structure.

Click here to learn more about Dropbox, get your own FREE Dropbox, and get 2.25 GB of free storage.

(I came across DropBox from a friend who told me about it – and that gives me the opportunity to share that knowledge on to you.  What other cool apps or tools have you heard of that you want to share?  Share them with us in the comments section below!)