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Enhance Your Worship Instrumentation With One Button

Thanks to the folks at, the same technology that I am using above in the video is available to our readers for 25% off just for using “weleadworship” as the code at checkout at . I personally endorse this product

and have found many uses for it – from its use with a full worship team to use with a simple acoustic guitar and cajon combo to a one-man-band situation. The uses never end. Use it for recording and watch your creativity and songwriting grow!


2 thoughts on “Enhance Your Worship Instrumentation With One Button”

  1. Shalon Palmer says:

    Wow, this video is awesome! Why am I just now seeing this? Great video!

    1. (Jason W.) says:

      Its a great product – we were happy to make the video. We’ve been excited to use it in multiple services now. Its super-simple to implement it and inexpensive. Best use of stewardship for a worship team if you ask me.

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