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Evolving Worship: Is It Time For A Change?



Aside from a few song choices or, perhaps, the flower arrangements, lighting choices, or your color palette on scarfs – when was the last time you made any significant changes to your worship service? “Why would we need to?” you ask. The answer is fairly simple – I’m going to wager that most of us cater our worship services around what is comfortable and know to us…those that have been regular attenders and members at our churches. The truth is that we are set out to be churches that seek to save the lost while at the same time feeding the flock that is there. In that sense, what is “safe and comfortable” doesn’t always fit the person who walks into the door of our church for the first time.

I want to make a serious suggestion that each of us take a look at how we conduct our worship services each week from top to bottom – and view them from the eyes

of someone who has never been to church before. Listen to every word that is said and determine if they reach the average person – or if they seem to be in some ancient language. Listen to the songs that are being sung and ask if a person, having come in to the church for the first time can relate to the music and lyrical choices. Take a look at common customs like the meet & greet – does it serve the purpose for each person to truly meet and greet each person – or does it seem to single out the new guy?

We’ll take a look, over the next few days, at some simple things that we can do to make small – but impactful – changes to our worship services. In the meantime – we’d love to hear from you. What are things that you have seen at churches that are common place that you think need to change – and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Evolving Worship: Is It Time For A Change?”

  1. Redeemed says:

    Our church’s “Meet and greet” is just that … folks walking around and meeting/greeting folks. We don’t single who is or is not a visitor, we just let folks be folks. We have some in our church who are more comfortable staying put at their seats, but the vast majority of folks make the rounds. I sometimes just close my eyes and listen to the sounds as we meet and greet – happiness and warmth are what comes to mind when I do.

  2. Bedajii says:

    The members of our church do not want it to really grow. They like it the way it is…….So we dont get to many new people. Sometimes people we haven’t seen in a while come back, buts its not really a growing church…..

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