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Excited for my son…

Hunter is, at this moment, taping his testimony for his baptism this Sunday.

You have no idea how proud I am of my son…especially spiritually. Over the past few years, I have seen him grow spiritually in so many different ways. I am excited for him. The boy is destined to do great things for God…and God is going to do great things in him.

I get the honor of baptizing him this Sunday at LifePoint Church. I hope you’ll come out and watch my son put his “YES” on the table.

NOTE: This video/picture is being sent from my mobile phone. Yes…there will likely be typos in the text…that is my nature. No…the videos/pictures will not always make sense. You’ll be fine.

BROWSER NOTICE: I’ve noticed that Internet Explorer only shows the videos as a link. Mozilla Firefox (in its uberness) shows the embedded video.

Until Every Knee Bows,