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“Exciting Changes Are Coming” … indeed.


Today, I took a big leap with my family as we met together for the first time at our newest LifePoint Church campus – LifePoint : Stewarts Creek.  Providing God doesn’t call me to another church to lead it in worship – my family and I have committed to a year at the new campus to help get it going.  I remember driving by the site of the campus the Wednesday it was announced and voted on by LifePoint.  I had to pull in and say a prayer for great things for the campus.  I wasn’t convinced at that point that we would be committing to the church there – but felt that awesome things were going to happen there.

My wife started feeling a tug to go there and be involveyes in bibled as heavily as allowed  in the youth ministry.  We discussed it – prayed – and I  eventually had a conversation with my Worship Pastor to say that, simply, “wherever I need to be to serve…that’s where I’ll be.”  I went home and realized that it wasn’t my Worship Pastor who needed to make that choice – it was God.  I started feeling a peace about the campus – about shifting our lives to the new venue.  The choice seemed clear.

God was allowing me to say “YES!” to a decision to be “Dared to Move”.  We are yesat peace about it – and it felt like home. 

Today, we met as the launch team at the Stewart’s Creek Campus.  We couldn’t not have selected a better campus pastor.  It is, strangely enough, already starting to feel like family.  — And my “YES” is on the table!

Exciting things are coming…

I’m just happy to be along for the ride!

(article by “got worship?” founder, Jason Whitehorn)