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Expressive Worship Workshop Coming!


What does your worship service look like?  What does it sound like? Other than the songs you are singing – has it changed in the past two years?  Think about it…take the last service you did and really focus on the songs you sang.  Did they sound alike?  Probably not.  If we can acknowledge that they were different songs…then we need to look at one important question:

…why do they all look the same?

Imagine not being able to hear for a moment.  How do your songs look?  We tend to have a mentality of sticking with the norm.  We become confined to a comfort zone because it is one of two things:

  1. “Comfortable” :  We have our normal “this is how we do things and there is nothing that needs to be changed” mentalities, or;
  2. We are afraid :  We’ve seen or thought of something that we would like to try in worship…but are worried about what that one guy that always critiques your service would have to say.  We become to afraid to do something moving because you’re afraid of hearing someone say “well, thats not how WE do it.”

It happens.  And it has happened to me.  One of the things that I like to do in a worship service is just ask that we be silent for a moment and see what God may have to say.  I can’t tell you how many times (and even from my own wife) that I have been told that “its awkward when you do that!”  You know what I say?  “GREAT!”  Someone, somewhere, may have a unique experience from that silence.  I just had to create the moment.

Ah…and there is the problem.  We have created moments in worship that have become nothing short of full blown productions with lights and major production elements.  Is this wrong?  You’d be surprised at how many people say “yes”.  I recently read an article in a respectable worship blog from a woman who would have you believe that adding any instruments other than a piano or organ was a spawn of Satan himself.  She made the point to explain that putting too much ornamentation in a worship service – whether its dramatic lights, the way we put words on the screen, using “rock music” (as she calls it) – she claims that it is way too detracting from actually glorifying God.  I disagree…and Tom Jackson puts it beautifully.  When Jackson was working with a praise team from New Zealand, he asked them “If Jesus was coming to dinner at our worship, our concert,… what kind of plates do we put out for Him?”

Tom Jackson has been known in the music industry for years.  Now, he is taking his production genius to worship.  November 6th and 7th, Tom will be holding an “Expressive Worship” workshop.  This is an event that you will want to attend whether you are a worship leader, media person, band member, vocalist, or any other member of the worship arts team.  This special 2 day seminar will help you put together a worship service that glorifies God and creates a unique worship experience to help others connect.

1: Worship Workshop Classes

Tom Jackson’s Worship Workshop and Live Music Methods have impacted artists all over the world, including: Chris Tomlin, Parachute Band, Newsong, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Casting Crowns, and many more.

In this workshop, you and your worship team will get first hand teaching from Tom. Learn to create freedom in the room so your congregation can express their worship more freely and passionately than ever before!

2: Worship Music Makeovers

On both nights, watch Tom take a worship team through a rehearsal, implementing the teachings covered during that day’s workshop. Each evening you’ll see Tom do live rearrangements of popular worship songs. You’ll learn first hand how to turn “songs” into “worship moments.”

And not only will you see it done – you and your worship team will be able to take the songs home and include them in your Sunday worship service!

If you are interested in taking part in this…head on over to and get $100 off of your registration between now and Thursday,  October 22nd!  Know someone that could benefit from Tom’s course?  Send this link to them!

I’ll be there both days – and I hope to see you there as well!