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Facial recognition software in the church?

Technology keeps getting more and more advanced. Today, I just learned of new technology being used here in Nashville, TN to make facial recognition of app users as they enter businesses and then give them exclusive deals as they shop. Kind of neat – plus it gives keeps them from the dreaded “check-in”. More after the jump.

Take a look at the info in the video below.

Yep. Kind of sweet. I find this interesting since I recently asked a question on twitter and got only one response in the affirmative about “check-ins”:

Personally, I only checked in anywhere to get tips or to get offers. If there was a way to get “deals” without doing work…then it seems like this is a “win-win”. …

…but I’m going deeper here.

…what if we used this in the church?

What if we were bold enough to use this handy feature as a way to deliver devotional content to families as they entered the church? The daily sermon notes? A welcome? From where I am standing…I see the potential as being limitless. It would stand to reason that the app would be intelligent enough to distinguish a person’s first visit from their their third – so why not be able to create a welcome video delivered for first time guests that, perhaps, shows them how to get to childcare or key areas of the church along with a free cup of coffee coupon? Are you thinking out loud with me?

The bottom line – I’ve sent this video already to three people since I’ve first received it this morning. Two of the three people responded with some fearful “what is this world headed to / mark of the beast / woe is me” response. The truth of the matter is this. If many of us did this years ago with other “scary technology”, we’d still be using Hymnals and looking up and down, up and down, up and down while singing and would never have agreed to go to *insert dramatic “dum dum dum” music* transparency cells. Then later, if we didn’t embrace other scary technology, we’d still be straining to see the smaller words that seemed to get crammed at the bottom of the transparency cells (or covered by the hand moving them) instead of moving to *insert dramatic “dum dum dum” music again* Power Point. (You feeling me, here?)

We need to learn to embrace the technology around us as quickly as the culture around us is. Not everything is built for evil – and much can be used for God’s glory. So…with that being said. How are YOU using today’s technology in cool ways? Let us know in the comment area below!