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Fellowshipping With Other Worship Leaders…



One of the joys I have had over the years from the website is being able to meet new people from (literally) all over the world. Still, I realize that there are many of you who happen by here from a tweet, a facebook post, a search engine result, or word-of-mouth – and I may never see or hear from you again. There may even be some of you here that read each article I post (I thank you for that) and I have never had the pleasure of saying “hello” to you.

I would (sincerely) like to change that. Do me a HUGE favor. No matter how you came to this article – if you are reading it…drop a comment at the bottom of the article and tell me a little about how you got here. Been coming long? First timer? Are you a worship leader? Pastor? Worship musician? Vocalist? Where are ya from? How long have ya been doing ministry? What kinds of worship resources are you interested in seeing? Have you been able to use any of the stuff you’ve seen here at with your worship teams?

Who knows – perhaps you’ll end up growing a life-long friend from across the distance from someone else you meet in the comments as well.

So…what do ya say? Let’s fellowship online.

I’ll start…

…My name is Jason…tell me about yourself in the comments below!