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Fellowshipping With Other Worship Leaders…



One of the joys I have had over the years from the website is being able to meet new people from (literally) all over the world. Still, I realize that there are many of you who happen by here from a tweet, a facebook post, a search engine result, or word-of-mouth – and I may never see or hear from you again. There may even be some of you here that read each article I post (I thank you for that) and I have never had the pleasure of saying “hello” to you.

I would (sincerely) like to change that. Do me a HUGE favor. No matter how you came to this article – if you are reading it…drop a comment at the bottom of the article and tell me

a little about how you got here. Been coming long? First timer? Are you a worship leader? Pastor? Worship musician? Vocalist? Where are ya from? How long have ya been doing ministry? What kinds of worship resources are you interested in seeing? Have you been able to use any of the stuff you’ve seen here at with your worship teams?

Who knows – perhaps you’ll end up growing a life-long friend from across the distance from someone else you meet in the comments as well.

So…what do ya say? Let’s fellowship online.

I’ll start…

…My name is Jason…tell me about yourself in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Fellowshipping With Other Worship Leaders…”

  1. Chad Pickering says:

    My name is Chad. I’m a worship leader from Just north of Atlanta. Church of about 500. I’ve been coming here for about 2 years now I guess. Just never made it around to commenting. I apologize for that. I’ve always appreciated your honesty in the articles. Sometimes they cut close to home and I need to hear it and other times its pretty uplifting. Don’t stop whatcha do!

    1. (Jason W.) says:

      Hey Chad! No need at all to apologize! Stoked to have you here and honored that you are getting something out the articles. Please let me know if there are ever any questions you have or any ways that I can help you and your team!

  2. Jeremy says:

    My name is Jeremy. I’m not really sure how I came to this site. What started out as something that I had no idea, and still don’t, has come to me leading worship on occasion. My only background in music was playing the saxophone. In the past few months I’ve had crash courses in transposing, using a Capo, playing a song in a different key, realizing that different instruments were in different keys. I didn’t even know that a saxophone was an Eb instrument until I kept saying that a note from a guitar/piano didn’t sound like a note I was used to. I am a perfect example of God using someone who in no way would be able to do something without His guidance. This site, along with countless others, has helped me tremendously.

    1. (Jason W.) says:


      I’m honored that ya made it here, my friend!

  3. Shawn says:

    My name is Shawn. This is the first time I’ve been to the sight, I found you on Twitter by way of an @essentialwrshp retweet. I am a volunteer worship leader in a church of about 125 in rural northeast Missouri. I am printing off 5 articles to give to my voluntary sound men today, because they are good, well-written, clear and most importantly up-lifting. If it wasn’t for this last one it would seem like I was being a jerk. I’ll be back for more and will be following on twitter.

    1. (Jason W.) says:

      Hey Shawn! Glad to meet you! Let me know if they get something out of it as well. Love being able to connect the dots.

  4. Becki says:

    My name is Becki. First time here. Volunteer worship leader in a church of about 1,000 in Northern California. Singer, songwriter, keyboards, with a little guitar, glockenspiel and melodica here and there. Married to an awesome sound guy! Working on my Master of Arts in Worship Studies through Liberty University Online. Hoping to be in full time ministry soon!

    1. (Jason W.) says:


      Glad you made it by! I hope you’ll find some stuff here on the site of use to you, your husband, and all whom you serve with!

  5. Bedajii says:

    This site is great, I needed this right now. Kind of in a slump right now, feeling attacked after a nice dry spell. I am worship servant from a small church in santa fe, NM, and I came across this site while I was googling for information on worship organization software. Something to help me keep everything in one place, without having to be a slave to the internet. That way I can burn CDs, make chord charts, lyric sheets, and have the power points, and recording or video all in one place for each song. Sounds a bit to good to be true at the moment!

    At any rate, I hope to be able to talk more to all the servants here and build some relationships. I am feeling a heavy need to reach out. It seems that many of us who do service in worship are more sensitive to Gods Spirit in the way of understanding His Love. The church we attend is very small and I often feel alone in my exasperation that we are supposed to be sharing Gods love in some huge meaningful way, to people that need it the most. Ive got most of the technical stuff down, but now I feel like Im trying to get my bearings again. So much is going on in the world.

  6. Daniel says:

    Hello I’m Daniel a new worship leader in a new church. This site has been very helpful and such a blessing to me. I used to play for a metal band and our best shows doesn’t compare to Friday night worship or Sunday mornings. To my fellow worshippers I’d like to recommend a book called Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin, not trying to solicit but it is a great book that has developed our team.

  7. Alison Djonabaye says:

    I am brand new to worship leading and have no idea what I’m doing. I came to this site after researching tips on being a new worship leader. Our church is located in northern Ohio and I have been attending for 2 years now. This is a big responsibility!! Man I never thought God would pick me :). I do not play an instrument but I have a voice, which I suppose is an instrument of sorts. Reading about fellowship with other leaders makes sense to me, and sparked an idea to reach out in the community and call a meeting. I am sure to learn something from those who have been doing this longer than a month. Thanks for the idea!

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