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Find Out What One HUGE Word Can Kill Your Worship and Family Life…




It is a deal killer for so many things. Is it possible that it is hurting how closely you connect with God or your family? I recently went on a “date” night with my wife but could hardly call it that because of the amount of time I spent buried in my phone with three different people attempting to gain my attention for “important reasons”. One was in text, one was in Twitter DM, and the third was in Google Chat. WOW! My princess of a wife was kind enough to keep talking despite the fact that it was SO unfair to her to have me give LESS of ALL of my attention to her because of the multi-tasking at hand.

It got me thinking…

…why does a job HAVE to be able to get in touch with you via email on a smart phone 24 hours a day? Remember waaaaaaay back when we didn’t HAVE email? Remember when a PHONE was the “hi-tech” communications tool? (Especially if you had a push button phone and not a rotary dial!) If each text, email, chat, etc was the equivalent of a ring of a house phone in my days growing up….I can assure you that SOMEone would have already yanked the cord out of the wall. We MAY have gotten a call once a night…but NEVER from a job.

Why are things different now? Look down at your phone. That same phone – about five years ago – called people…texted…and MAY have taken pictures. Now it does everything from send email

to set the alarm on our house and ever START OUR CARS!!!! I’ll admit – I’d probable limp for a bit if I lost my iPhone…I’ve gotten SO used to it. At the same time, I think having all of these tools at our feet readily available has caused us to become overly used to multitasking in an unhealthy way.

When we spread our bandwidth too thin – something in our lives missed the full attention it should get. Worship suffers because the focus is lost in preparation to a sea of apps and distractions instead of spending hours of focus PREPARING for worship. Families suffer because time spent watching a child’s soccer game has now turned into taking a picture, editing it in a photo app, uploading it to instagram, and making sure it is shared everywhere…then just happening to notice an email that you “have to take care of” while giving your son the occasional “good job, son” in the two seconds we look up.

If this doesn’t fit you…ever….then kudos. Please give ME lessons on how you refocus. For me….the cabin in the picture above is my safe haven. I can’t WAIT to get back there with the family. No cable. No internet. No cell signal. There is one hard-wired telephone (remember those?) for emergencies. I am SO ready to go back there and have a technology detox.

How about you? How do YOU refocus and detox your life? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below!

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