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Finding God in His Secret Treehouse

We often think about worship on a Sunday when we prepare for our worship services.  We have gotten passed the notion of only calling the music portion of our services “worship” and traded it in for a broader reality that the entire service is an act of worship.  Then, there are many teams that go home after a long Sunday – and proper worship ceases.

You’ll notice my neglect to say that worship ceases.  You see, worship never ceases.  We are constantly worshiping something: a television, an iPhone, money, sex, possessions…the list goes on and on.  It is for this reason that I often say “we cannot create worship…we can merely hope to re-focus it.”  Proper worship, however, seems to get lost in the shuffle of life no sooner that we leave the church parking lot.

I routinely tell the teams that I lead that “a Sunday is not the most important thing we do each week.  It is merely a celebration of the worship we should have all week long.”  We can, if we merely look, find the most simple ways of worshiping God in the mighty things he does.

I can vividly remember being trapped in a treehouse fort as a younger child because a “friend” took away the only ladder to get up to it.  While everyone had gone to another area to play and left me alone – I went through various stages of panic and then anger…then finally focused on the groves in the tree.  It was old….interesting…full of unique marks.  I studied the leaves, the branches, and watched how the leaves swayed.  “God created this out of a seed…amazing”.  There are times today when I have my treehouse moments.  I can still be amazed by the most simple of things amongst even the most chaotic of events.

Psalm 27:4

One thing have I asked of the Lord,
that will I seek after:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord
and to inquire in his temple.

David had it right.  The ultimate worship leader…the perfect songwriter…desired simply to dwell with God and simply gaze upon what He has done.  Perhaps, before we go in to our individual worship services this Sunday…

…we need to each take a little time to visit God in His treehouse.