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Free Music Tuesday : Children of Light

This week’s “Free Music Tuesday” comes from an album that I highly encourage each of you to implement within your own churches as its songs are wide-reaching and ring true. You’ve heard me talk about LifePoint Illuminate: Children of Light over the past month or so – and this week’s free music comes from Children of Light.

“I See The Poor” is, quite possibly, one of the most life-changing songs on the album. It is a call to forget about ourselves for a moment and realize that there are so many starving, dying, without parents, homeless, abandoned, and waiting for someone…us…to help. One of the co-writers of the song, Micah Huebner, explains the background of the song:

I encourage you to download the song– Share this link with others– Implement these songs in your own church (chord charts can be found at– but most important…find away to make a difference in the world today. “I cannot sit here and do nothing!”