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Free Worship Planning Software?

I am blessed with opportunities with multiple churches to be asked to come lead their congregations in worship.  Some are startup churches without established worship pastors/leaders, some are in a transition period and need a worship pastor/leader for an interim basis, some have established worship leaders/pastor but need to fill a void for just one Sunday, and some may just want something different.  Regardless of the reason, it brings in a whole new dynamic to my bag of tricks.

In this new dynamic, I have a new group of musicians, vocalists, stage crew, media, sound, and back-pew song critiquers to work with.  Rarely can I take my own musicians with me – so getting everyone on the same page when we have likely never met face-to-face nor are we likely to meet prior to service makes things difficult.

In general,  I use tools like Planning Center and (got worship? Media’s two favorite Worship Planning softwares) for planning, organizing and communicating to musicians and vocalists and beyond.  These tools are great for established worship leaders at established churches and I highly recommend them…but what is our there for travelling worship leaders/pastors who need to communicate with individuals for a one-time basis at multiple churches?

What ideas do you have for a free way to make communication and song distribution easy between a group of vocalists, musicians, media, and creative types who have never met to keep them all on the same page until they meet for the first time on a Sunday morning?  Got any thoughts?

Ready?  Set?  GO!

3 thoughts on “Free Worship Planning Software?”

  1. Alasdair says:

    I’m an engineering student and worship leader in the UK. At the moment I find sharing a link to a simple google drive document with a list of songs keys youtube links and arrangement notes works well.

    I’m thinking of writing a developing a stripped down app for my church and then releasing it for free when its good enough. All the paid software is full of bells and whistles that most churches that I know of would just refuse to use above their tried and tested admin methods.

    The idea is to make it as clean and simple as possible as the more blatantly powerful software is, the more intimidating churches in England tend to find it.

    This would essentially sync with a dropbox folder of pdf or word files and allow worship leaders to plan with access to their churches reportoire.

    If you have any suggestions or you’re interested in testing it for me when its ready send me an email 🙂

    1. Robert says:

      Would be interested in testing the software did it ever come about? I run sound/powerpoint for a small church 50-80 people and we are getting a song leader that has about 20 volunteers cannot pay any monthly cost at the moment looking for free options dropbox is cool already use it for other thing in the church. Thanks, Robert

  2. Christina says:

    Alasdair, have you created this app yet? I’d love to take a look if you have: [email protected]

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