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GEAR BAG: Our Favorite Acoustic Pedal

It is this time of year that we start ramping up to talk about the products that we have been enjoying playing with for most of the last year. One of those products that we have been loving has been the LR Baggs Venue – and it is our official “got worship? ‘Best Acoustic Pedal of 2012′”.

It’s actually inaccurate to call it a “pedal” – after-all, it is a DI box, parametric EQ, tuner, and has a secret weapon…an added “boost” for that extra “oomph” to your sound. I use this little guy as my DI on a weekly basis with my Taylor 614 ce and my J-200. It has traveled with me to various venues and sung loud and proud regardless of where I was. I love the ability to be able to set my own equalization to my liking – and especially not having to tote around multiple pedals and cables for what one powerful box from LR Baggs can accomplish.

The Venue has become my one staple that remains regardless of what guitar I play on stage from electric to acoustic. I’ve had various artists and worship leaders who have utilized it from time to time and have marveled at ease and sound clarity. Traveling with the Venue is a dream as well. When travelling to a new venue, you never know what caliber sound tech you will get. In a prime situation, you will get a F.O.H. person who can make even a mundane DI box sound sharp. The venue gives YOU more control over your sound when the sound tech is less than attentative to fine-tuning details.

We’ve trusted LR Baggs at got worship? / to provide stellar products over the years…and this Venue definitely doesn’t let down!