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Getting out of your worship rut: Part 3

This week we’ve been talking about worship, the songs we use in worship, and “traditions”.  Based on my email box – it has been a bumpy road for some of you.  I sincerely hope you have been studying and praying about the passage I gave in day one as it will become our focus today.

As we’ve been talking about “traditions” and breaking free from abusing those traditions as the accepted standard and not accepting change – I want to point one thing out in this series:  “Not all churches who play hymns as their sole source of songs need to change their format.”  There are churches out there that have a demographic that widely supports a generation in which these hymns were widely supported.  The kind of music “younger” generations tend to use may not get the same response.   Instead, when I speak of “change”, I speak of churches who are stuck in certain ruts:

  • a church that views any other music other than the old hymns as “less than fitting for appropriate worship.”
  • a church that has a demographic comprised of mainly those 40 and younger and still using mostly hymns
  • churches who are still calling their worship “contemporary” when the newest song played is over ten years old.
  • a church that has no desire to change their songs or the way they do worship services because “we’ve always done it like this…and there is no reason to change it.”

If your church – or your leadership vision as worship pastor for your church – fits any of these ruts…then it is time to change.  Chances are, it has long since been time to change.  The “traditions” you have held to have become the rule instead of the reason you worship in the first place.

We’ve got more ground to cover this week.  I’m either making you upset or making you think…either way – I sincerely hope you are taking a look at our key passage this week and seeking God’s wisdom for what His Word has for us as it applies to our series.