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God Is Not A White Man

Cast aside your thoughts and your inhibitions for a moment. So I ‘ve been waitting for Michael Gungor to release the new animation for “God Is Not A White Man” for a while now. (There is an older version with more basic art on YouTube). I had the honor of talking with Michael Gungor and his wife a few weeks back and talk “songwriting”. We were discussing a songwriter’s session our group had with Michael where he was discussing how we use music to recall things. (Think – singing your ABC‘s or how you know that your “leg bone’s connected to you — kneeeeee bone“)  I immediately thought about the old School House Rock cartoons when he said that.  After the session, we were walking down to get coffee and the discussion turned to God Is Not A White Man.  We joked that this should arguably be on the soundtrack for the movie (if it is ever made) The Shack.

This song has power – power becuase we tend to put God in a box, label him, add adjectives and pretend that we as Christians – are the ones that God loves…when the reality is that God loves the murderer – just as He does the pastor!  It’s got that fluffy little School House Rock sound while having some pretty rock solid lyrics.

Don’t read between the lines – take it for what it is worth.  God is love.